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Holidays 2011!

The year 2011 is fast becoming a memory and has flown past in a blur.  It’s now the end of October 2011, Halloween is in a few days and in Texas, it’s chilly outside.  (Yes, 57 degrees is chilly in Texas.) As I sit here and write, my chili recipe is in the crock pot and soon will be a simmering delight! Finally, good, positive and happy changes are taking place for the betterment of me as a person, and for the good of my daughters and many my friends.  Changes are ahead for living conditions and other business opportunities are coming along. But I also feel even more keenly aware for the heartache in others who mean a great deal to me.

New Friends and Old

I have made some truly wonderful friends so far this year, and reconnected with some from long, long ago.  It’s been nice to be in contact again with people who I have never really stopped caring about, but who I was “not allowed” to keep up with because of the insecurities of others.  And I’ve also been able to meet people who have a great outlook on life, no matter how bad things have gotten.  It’s just amazing to juxtapose the new with the old and see how vastly different “fun and determined” can be versus “angry and victimized.”

Sadly, I’ve seen the lives of some in my recent past life completely fall apart well beyond what I thought was possible. And I’ve seen those who have money  continue to live by the philosophy that maybe they can take it with them.

The Coming Holidays

I’m beginning to look forward to the coming of the holidays.  I’ve never been much for Halloween, but the spirit has been put into me for Monday’s holiday and then of course there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I have met some incredibly creative people this year in places I never would have expected.  The “Pumpkin Pig with Tutu” created by one of them in the wee hours this morning is posted below.  Never in 45 years have I thought about spray painting a pumpkin pink and turning it into a pig.  This is just cool.

Decorted Pumpkin Pig with Tutu

Decorted Pumpkin Pig with Tutu

Daughter Chandler, almost 15 going on 30, last night was encouraging me to try harder to enjoy the season than the one we endured last year.  Things were so tight, we even made each other gift jars with kind words in them to give as our gifts.  Chandler said last night, “And we lived even though that was all we got.” Like for most other middle class Americans, things this year are going to be tight again, but we have been inspired by a new sense in the importance of family and the expression for love and appreciation.

In this family, Christmas always has been a great big deal.  Sadly I learned recently  the wooden Santa Sleigh I made for the front yard has been hauled off along with “Santa’s Workshop.”  Those two creations made a difference for countless children and adults. Hopefully in time, I’ll have the chance to make new ones better than the first.

Most of all this holiday season I’m looking forward to finding new traditions with my family and new friends and trying to let the pains and frustrations of things in the past float off into the ocean as though they were an iceberg drifting into the warmer waters of the sea to eventually dissolve with the passage of time. 

PS:  And HA!  Yes, the pumpkin pig has a back end, too…

Ally Pig Rear

Yes, it's the rear of a Pumpkin Pig in a Tutu


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