It’s no secret that big brands are seeking new ways to build communities and particularly ones around their products. Nowadays, this often is done with vehicles that have absolutely nothing to do with a product line.

Case in point is this new series from HP with the Twitter #hashtag of #ePrintLive and short YouTube videos.  Now some might ask, (and admittedly, we’re still kinda asking) “How does this help sell printers?” But think deeper to their premise of “bringing good things to life.” They asked us for some inspiration so we sent them a link from @DaddyClaxton’s personal blog page.  This is what began showing on their YouTube Channel today.

How does this make you want to go out and want to buy a printer?  That’s just it?  It’s not about selling a printer.  It’s about selling cool, or wacky, or whatever.  It’s about brand ID and thinking, “Wow, those cats at HP are cool, so if I have an HP printer or anything HPish, I am, too.” Being Mac users, we use HP printers and really have come to stop thinking of HP, or Dell etc. and anything that runs Windoze.  But there still are many who do.

Here’s a post from their Facebook Fan Page:

Get ready…to have…your mind…BLOWN. Rob Riggle and the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) are collaborating with HP to bring live improv comedy to YOUR computer screen, wherever you may be!

Here at HP ePrint Live, YOU get to be the director. How? Email a note, a picture, a song, a drawing…whatever you want to see Rob and the UCB act out…and it will print to our on-stage HP ePrinter.
However hilarious, goofy or downright twisted yo…ur idea is (within reason, kids!), just email it to and watch , on Friday, January 21 at 3:00 p.m. ET, to see it come to life.

If your idea isn’t used during the online live performance, don’t lose hope… KEEP SENDING! From Saturday, January 22 – 26, members of the UCB will continue to choose the best and most creative suggestions to create some custom comedy shorts for YOU – and we’ll be posting them online at

RSVP here to get behind the scenes extras while Rob and the UCB are live streaming online at YouTube. And invite your Facebook friends and tell them to submit their ideas!

By submitting a suggestion via ePrint, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions
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Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)
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