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Interactive Books for the iPad Key Resources & Authors

I’m beginning this post with the idea that it’s not ever going to be done–this is a first listing of resources available to build and design Interactive Books for the iPad.

There are dozens of people I’m finding by the hour from around the world who are leading the way in the development of the .IAB formatted book.CC IAB Resources Banner


Karen Robertson, Sydney, AustraliaDigitalKidsAuthor.com–A video is just around the corner of some great tips and ideas from Karen.  If you’ve not seen on of her books on the iPad, you’ve missed out.  Please, stop reading and jump over to iTunes right now and download one.  This is really good stuff.

Software Products

Tumult Hype–This is a great program I’ve begun using to help create widgets for the iPad interactive book.  It produces animations in HTML 5, too, so they can be added to either a website or to an iBook for the iPad.

Google SketchUp–This is a good tool to use for simple 3-D animations that can be added to the .iab format.

Trade Secrets

Classwidgets.com–Timeline Scrubber–This is one of the coolest tools yet–and like Google SketchUp, it’s free.  But if you have a series of maps you want to merge into one document for an interactive book for the iPad, this is the gem.  You simply go to the site, upload your images into the order you want them, export the information and it creates a downloadable widget.  You then just drop it into your .iab and you’re done.  Free.  Amazing.

David Barranca posts this helpful piece about loading images into iBooks Author.  Good stuff.


What Tools Do You Know About?

This post will be updated with more and more information as time goes along.

Who are some other leaders in this field who should be included under authors?  Who are some leading developers worthy of recognition?

What are some horror stories you’re learning as you go along?


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