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iBooks Author, We Have Been Waiting Since The Beginning of Time

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We were told a story a few weeks ago about how at one point in time Steve Jobs had about 400 engineers at Apple working exclusively on iBooks Author, the new app released by Cupertino today that essentially turns all of us into Johannes Gutenberg.

University officials we’ve already talked  with today are quite pleased with the product.  It’s going to make a difference in the world of academics.  We’ve also heard from those in the textbook industry who say without content, Apple’s release today matters not.

We beg to differ.

The Wonders Expedition™

On our new upstart project, The Wonders Expedition, we’ve been working on an app for mobile devices that will replace the set of headphones one rents when they visit a historic park or museum.

With iBooks Author, we’re now directing our attentions to writing a series of interactive books that will allow a person to take that tour in person, or in their living room with almost as incredible experience in either place.

If you’re a writer, graphic artist, programmer, photographer, or videographer, we’re interested in talking with you about our great project.  Please just go to ClaxtonCreative on Twitter or Facebook, or jump over and LIKE our Facebook page for TWE, or follow us on @Archeoastronomy and when we follow back, send us a DM.

Things We Already Know

Apparently one has to be running Lion for iBooks Author to work.  The Life on Planet Earth book one can read on their iPad, but we can’t seem to find it on iPhone, even after upgrading to iBooks 2.

iBooks Author works much like Pages or Keynote to set up and use.

At this writing, the HELP pages aren’t loading, as in Apple doesn’t seem to have uploaded their content yet.  Will check back soon.





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