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DFW Roads Still Icy

I thought I’d get out this morning and try to navigate to somewhere different than the confines of the apartment here.

The car came out of the garage okay, even though there’s a nice patch of ice at the mouth of it.  I made my way through the apartment’s parking and drive and out to the front gate okay.  There was only one patch where there wasn’t ice or packed snow, but I was doing okay.   icedrive

I made sure I timed my approach to the light to get onto the main road right and never stopped motion of the car.

Turning left, I went up the hill toward 635 thinking, if anything’s going to be good to drive, that’d have to be it.

Well, as I approached the Bruton/Cartwright entrances to 635 LBJ, a line had begun to form.  I was about 15 cars to the rear, and I began to hear weird noises like motors being revved.  Well, to my left was a red car that had pulled into the middle turning lane to come into my lane.  Clearly a front wheel drive car, it’s front tires were spinning and they were going nowhere.  I tried to weave my way around and possibly go left onto LBJ 635 instead.  Up ahead, I could see the culprits to the right turning lane.  One was a pick up truck, the second an armored car, and the armored car was doing two things, sliding backwards, and spinning it’s wheels.

With that, I turned the car around and got back safely here to the apartment complex.  No amount of sanity from getting out can equal the risk of spinning out of control, getting stuck or getting hit by one of those cars spinning their tires out of control and suddenly getting traction and running head on into me.

It’s supposed to get to 46 here today.  And there’s a 40 percent chance of more snow in DFW tomorrow beginning at 8 a.m.  And there’s a 40 percent chance of more snow Tuesday night and into Wednesday.   Maybe 46 will melt off a good bit of the roadways today.  For the moment, I’m staying put.

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