Today via our special project, The Wonders Expedition, we have launched our first campaign to raise $57,766 to fund an expedition to Peru in June/July with a small team of professional photographers and writers to capture the adventure and excitement that makes up Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and bring that information back so that we can create one of the most advanced and incredible Interactive Books for the iPad yet.

If you’ve not seen what an Interactive Book is all about, well, you’re missing out on an incredible high-def, hi-res edutainment product that is going to chance the way we learn.  It’s already doing that, but we are just at the beginning of where Interactive Books are headed.



We chose to highlight Machu Picchu in Peru because it is a Wonder of the World, but also because it’s one of those places most people on the planet never are going to be able to visit.  Indeed, the Peruvian government already has limits of 2,500 people per day who can access the site because it simply cannot handle the massive foot traffic.  Not to mention it’s in a remote area of the Andes and travel costs there, well, we could go on….

But another interesting and exciting fact is that exactly 100 years ago this year, American Archeologist and explorer Hiram Bingham was doing the exact same thing as we are now–raising money to go back to Machu Picchu, which he had “re-discovered” in 1911, and do a proper exploration of the site.  He’d only done a one-day climb in the area in 1911.  The 1912 expedition was where things really got interesting.

And so, 100 years later, we are taking high-definition cameras, and cameras with as many mega-pixel sensors as there are stars, and going back to Machu Picchu to capture the details that Hiram Bingham may have observed, but based on 1912 technology, had no way to bring back and share with the rest of the world.

Interactive Books

Al Gore‘s Our Planet is a great  example of what we’re working on.  The video of the young man at a recent TED convention doing a presentation really was exhilarating.  But it’s just the beginning.

3-D animations, graphs, charts, all that is becoming standard in these new tools of learning.  With the team of experienced photographers, writers, graphic artists and marketers, we think we are on the right track toward the future with these great books.

We invite and encourage you to check out our campaign.  Please strongly consider contributing to the campaign and joining our team, just like Hiram Bingham accumulated the best he could gather 100 years ago.

Makes you wonder who will be writing about us this time in 2112, too, doesn’t it!?

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