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Using iPad WordPress App to Update Sites

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iPad has brought about a world of changes in how we are able to be connected to the Internet, and that’s fantastic, particularly for those of us in the world who run WordPress Websites and need to have the ability to update them on the fly.

The iPad WordPress App does a pretty good job of this, but there’s something you’re going to have to do through a browser before you can use the app on iPad.

Of course, you can try to list your blog sites in the App on iPad and see if you get in, but most likely you’re going to get an error that says you need to open a certain PHP file and change a permission.

Now before you go thinking you’ve got to jump into the FTP client of your choice and pull up the conflicting file, there’s a quicker way to over come this problem.

Simple go to SETTINGS area on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard and go to WRITING.

Pull down half the page and then click on XML-RPC setting and ENABLE it.  Save your changes, and you’ll be able to log in on the WP App on iPad.

This bets the heck out of trying to figure out how to recode it.  And by the way, once you got inside the PHP file, it’ll say it already is…..


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