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Two and A Half Men Part 2–Eh so far. But Judy Greer?!

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I’ve been a fan of Judy Greer for a long time.  Last season she was on Mad Love.  A show that’s obviously gone.  In the past she’s been on a show here and a show there.  She’s always done good stuff playing a serious, dead pan role here and there.  And I was so happy for her tonight to see her now playing on Two and A Half Men in the post-Charlie Sheen era.

And then there’s the Chuck Lorre show-ending placard from this season’s show:

Chuck Lorre Productions, #351

“Sometime last year I realized I had become the unwilling contestant in a reality show.  I didn’t understand the rules, wasn’t sure if there even were any, and pretty much hated every second of it.  For many months I kept hoping and praying that it would end.  But it did not.  Somewhere along the way, something inside me died.  Anyway, now, suddenly, I’m being told that the reality show’s been cancelled.  Apparently, it was just one of those things that somehow got out of control. Sorry.  Whoops.  Live and learn.  Moving on.  Game over.  And that’s fine.  I am so good with that.  Yes, please, let’s all move on.  There’s just one problem.  That thing inside me that died?  It walks at night.  It’s angry.  It’s hungry.  And worst of all … it’s writing a tell-all book.”

I really know the feeling described above.   #Wining.


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