And now, a little from the you're not going to believe this one.  I thought the South Korean couple letting their real kid die while they raised a virtual one was nuts, but this one is the wiener of the day.  A kindergarten boy in Ionia, MI, has been suspended–for shaping his hand into a gun and pointing it at fellow classmates.  The school claims to have warned the boy multiple times and to have let his parents know of the concerns.  He kept doing it and he sat out of school a few days because he would not stop.   Bang_flag_gun

Now as a parent of seven kids, and as the former spokesman for the Dallas school district for six years, I can see, well, no I can't. 

This is just plain dumb and this is just the kind of story the press loves to pounce on to make administrators look stupid.  And on that point, congrats.  They succeeded. 

Sure, the district has an obligation to preserve the learning atmosphere inside the school.  But there were other things that could have been done, say like having the boy go to the principal's office, working with a counselor, anything but sending him home and making him lose instruction time. 

Okay school district, you've made your statement.  And believe me, it's been heard.  And what a nutty bunch we feel like you are.  There were other ways this could have and should have been handled.  Yes, it is important to enforce the Code of Conduct.  But com'on guys, this is a kindergarten kid we're talking about.

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