The LaCie Thunderbolt 2 TB External Hard Drive Doesn’t Exist

It’s frustrating to go into one of the the five Apple Stores here in DFW and be told, “Sir, I’m sorry, you’re just ahead of our time.”

Today I wanted to finally make the leap from my Western Digital 1 TB external hard drive for my 750 GB 2012 17 inch MacBook Pro to the LaCie Thunderbolt enabled 2 TB rugged hard drive. There’s only one problem. LaCie doesn’t make a 2 TB external hard drive.

Lacie Rugged 1 TB external hard drive

Lacie Rugged 1 TB external hard drive. There needs to be at least a 2 TB or 3 TB model. Seriously.

My Situation

At present, I have a 1 TB WD external hard drive on the back of my Mac. I have the $45 hard plastic shell to protect the veneer of the Mac and instead of moving about as I do constantly with my MBP, I have my WD affixed to the back of my monitor top with Velcro. When I move about, I only have to unplug the USB 3.0 cable from the WD and from my USB port and slide my Mac into my travel bag. It works sweetly and any time I’ve had to go into a Genius Bar I always get “why didn’t I think of that?!?” smiles. Yeah, they know they’re dealing with a serious user.

So on my present 1 TB WD, I have my primary Aperture 3.0 library that’s now 698 GBs strong, AND, I have my iTunes Media Folder which is 295 GBs strong. That’s 990 GBs of just those two items and I’ve been trying to open Aperture and it’s wanting to do an update to my photo database but it’s saying I need 6.1 GBs to do that, and I only have 3.8 GBs left on the drive. So getting another 1 TB external hard drive wasn’t the answer, plus, I wanted to move to the new and supposedly faster Thunderbolt connector so I wouldn’t be taking up two of my three USB ports on the Mac.  So now you see the problem….

Which gets me back to Aldo today at the Henderson/Knox Apple Store in Dallas.

Aldo first told me I could get a USB to Thunderbolt adapter. Me: “Would it run at Thunderbolt speed?” quizzically and pretty much knowing the answer was NO! Aldo: “No.”  That doesn’t help.

He then wanted to show me the G series desktop drives. “Aldo, I’m mobile. No power cords.”

Velcro on External Hard Drives

Velcro on External Hard Drives means no inadvertent disconnections from the Mac and less to reconnect between moves.

I was insisting that at Northpark I’d seen a 2 TB LaCie hard drive. So we went to their site and well, there isn’t one.  I was thinking the 1 TB rugged unit which sells for $229 was the 2 TB version.  No, it’s still just the 1 TB.

As an aside here, my video wonk, Jamaal Jackson keeps telling me that even with the “faster speeds” mentioned for Thunderbolt, the writing speed of a Mac is still only 720 something something so he keeps telling me there’s even a misnomer in the whole Thunderbolt concept.

So reps at Lacie, I hope you’re reading this, but I NEED AT LEAST A 2 TB external hard drive and I’d like to use one you make with a Thunderbolt connection. The question I have is, is Lacie even going to make one?

Best Buy

I started off my morning at Best Buy because I figured if LaCie made the 2 TB unit I was sure I’d seen, maybe they’d have it and I wouldn’t need to drive into Dallas from Mesquite. I saw they had a WD 2 TB for $149. But see above. I didn’t want another external unit with a USB 3.0 connector.

Okay, Back to Aldo

Aldo let me think about it and I came back to the only conclusion I could make. WD won out today over LaCie because they had a 2 TB unit.  I told Aldo buying another 1 TB unit would be like buying a floppy disk at this point. That’s when he said, “You’re a head of the times, sir.” Yes, I do tend to be living there, but this seems like it would be a foregone conclusion. Or is it?

I could not help but notice at Best Buy this morning the usual wide array of external hard drives seemed thin.  What I’m wondering was if that’s because internal drives are getting bigger, 750 GBs seems standard for MBPs nowadays, or are they making space for the Thunderbolts to come in and selling out of the USB 3.0 units? Is Thunderbolt not catching on as Apple had hoped? Hmmm.

WD 2 TB USB 3.0 transfer

WD 2 TB USB 3.0 transfer now says it’s going to take 7 days to switch out 698 GBs. That’s not acceptable.

I don’t know the answer to this yet.  But I do know that if someone at Lacie would let me use a 2 TB or even 3 TB external hard drive for mobile use, I’d love to do so and even blog about how much faster it is than the USB 3.0.

Anything would be good at this point considering we’ve gone from 11 hours to at present it saying it’s going to take seven days to transfer over my Aperture library to the new WD 2 TB drive and let’s just be frank about this, that’s totally unacceptable.

And hey, Western Digital reps, if you’re reading this and you’ve got game with a 2 TB or 3 TB unit that has Thunderbolt, I’d love to hear from you, too. Your units have worked well for me for 5.5 years now and I have no reason to switch.  And today, couldn’t……