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Making More Changes

It’s almost been a month now since the heart attack in Huntsville and I’m in the process of making some significant and past due changes in my life.

Since returning to Dallas, I’ve cut ties with some fokes who have either tried to or succeeded in dragging me down in the past.  More on that is coming in the next few weeks.

My health has become my primary focus and diet and exercise once again are reigning supreme on all decisions made here.

This morning I was up at 6 a.m. and out for a 1.51 mile stroll.  This is the third day in a row now I’ve walked.  I’m sore, but a 30-minute walk a day is just the beginning for me.


In the coming days and weeks I’m going to have some announcements to make relative to a couple new projects that are underway personally and professionally.  A new site is in the works as well to go along with the new project.

And if you’ve not noticed, I’ve loaded a new template here on DaddyClaxton.com.  That last one was absolutely nauseating not to mention a PITA to work with.  I will never use the company I bought that template from again.  Their service was poor and their product sucked.  So much for that $35.

Onward and upward.



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