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Scholar To Release Daily Debunk Of Mayan Calendar Ending Predictions

Scholar To Release Daily Facts To Debunk Mayan Calendar Doomsday Predictions

SAN FRANCISCO—Maya Scholar Dr. Mark Van Stone Thursday announced that beginning Nov. 21 and running until Dec. 21, daily emails, texts and web postings will be available to highlight and debunk the many myths that have been perpetuated about the upcoming end of the Maya calendarin 36 days.

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Fill out our Maya Myth Debunk Sign Up and begin receiving daily factual updates on Nov. 21, 2012 that debunk wild doomsday or bliss out predictions cast upon the ancient Maya..

Available through the publisher of his book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, Dr. Van Stone said each daily update will feature one of the more common “predictions” that have been wrongly projected onto the Maya, and answered with helpful resources to debunk them.

“There are dozens of misconceptions, myths and just plain wrong pseudo-scientific claims that have been cast upon the innocent Maya and now that we’re under 40 days before the end of their calendar, I expect them to grow in number,” Dr. Van Stone said.  “To counter the non-sense, we have assembled a list of 30 myths and we’re going to focus on educating the public on how wrong they are.”

Among the chief misconceptions Van Stone said he will address are:

  • The frequent misuse of the Aztec Calendar Stone to represent the Maya calendar
  • The galactic alignment will cause the earth to be sucked into the heart of the universe
  • Massive pole shifts will cause major magnetic disruptions around the world
  • There will be massive earthquakes
  • We will enter a new era of blissful human consciousness

To subscribe to the daily messages, parents, teachers, and children who are hearing about the predictions and are concerned, can visit ClaxtonCreative.com and register to receive daily emails, texts, or can log on to read more.

“We want to get the word out to the public. Already we’re hearing daily from parents who say their son or daughter heard something at school and are very scared about what’s going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012,” Dr. Van Stone said. “As a scholar, but even more importantly, as a father myself, I feel there’s a duty to ensure as many people get the right information about this as is possible. There is so much bad information out there. In many ways it’s become sickening.”

Van Stone is recognized internationally and in the field of Maya studies as one of four Maya scholars who have written a book about the 2012 phenomena that should be taken seriously.

In August, he released his first book for iPad, which is 179 pages long, has 53 videos of 14 additional Maya scholars, four 3D animations, and hundreds of interactive multi-touch images.

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