Using Adobe Premiere Pro to preserve the spectacular Mesquite Summer Sizzle 2017.

Tonight I shot a video of the Mesquite Summer Sizzle 2017. The city held its fireworks display in Paschall Park.

To shoot the event, I parked my car at Mesquite’s Hodges Park and walked along the Butterfly Trail, which I walk daily during sunlight hours. To get a prime spot for shooting, I went up along the alley behind Paula Drive homes. At the end of the alley, I befriended Mark Almond and his family and set up two tripods, one for my Canon D60 and the other for my Canon XA10.

At 9 p.m. the day’s climactic fireworks display began.

Here is what I shot, combining the synced video from the two cameras. In Premiere Pro I added a Lumetri Color (SL Blue Day4Nite (Canon 5d)) filter on the XA10’s video as it included way too much light–I didn’t realize the camera worked so very well in low light. The D60 I purposely had stopped down so it wouldn’t overexpose. I also upped its frame rate to 60 fps so there would be no progressive layering or bracketing in the playback.

I’d also used gaffer’s tape to fix my Handy 2 external mic to the XA10’s tripod. I’m happy and not with the audio because it picked up scared dogs at the beginning and then someone kept resetting their car alarm during the show, only for it to be set off again by recurring explosions.

All in all, I’m pleased with the output. I hope you enjoy it, too.