You can call this trip provided by Gillette today the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of my life, but what’s even more exciting is what I saw today in a room filled with younger men, 20s-30s who ultimately, though they can’t see it now, are going to be native generation of Dad Bloggers, and it’s something to behold.

For me, being a dad blogger is a role I chose, I didn’t just become a blogger and then became a dad.  I’d long been a dad before I became a blogger.

The guys who I was around today write for GQ, BroBibleBreak Media and The Bachelor Guy.  They’re really digitally native men.  They write about trends, fashions, women and the like.  (By the way, Ron Mattocks, I gave The Bachelor Guy your book.)

But ultimately, they are the daddy bloggers of tomorrow.  Or the most likely candidates. And these guys are into blogging in a whole different way from what I’ve seen of any other market segment.  They’re smart. They’re tech geeky.  But they’re also searching for answers.  But their questions are different from the ones I ask as a daddy blogger of 44 years.

With that, their relationships also are different among brands.  That’s exciting for them, but it also leads me back to a big part of the reason I’m a part of trying to help build the Modern Media Man Summit.  Brands are going after these younger guys, but they’re in many ways forgetting us older ones.

Point in case.  Toward the end of the meeting today, the conversation came around to the apparently in vogue question of how to properly shave ones nether regions.  Manscaping.  Now I most often find myself pretty savvy when it comes to most subjects, but this one to me …. well, the fellow dad next to me said someone finally had to say it, “LOOK, I’M A DAD, AND I’M NOT EVER GOING TO SHAVE MY BALLS.”

Most buys my age don’t like the idea of anything sharp being down that way.  Reminds them too much of their wive’s hinting at the terms “Snip, Snip.”  Next subject.

What Gillette and Proctor and Gamble did right today was brought about 20 different guys from all over together.  We went to Yankee Stadium.  We all got into town smoothly.  We got to our hotels.  Checked in.  Had a little down time. Got over to the stadium by a personal driver who was assigned to us for the night, so that when we were ready to go, all we had to do was call him.  We got to the ball park long before game time.  We got to get to know each other briefly before the meeting started.  As it did, Derek Jeter walked into the room, spoke a few words of hello, and out he went. Kudos.

Then we had a two-hour discussion about brands.  About what makes men interested in certain topics on the Net.  We took a break and then got a short segment on the new Gillette razor that’s coming out.  But more importantly, we got to hear from the R&D guys about the science of shaving.  Hearing that put a lot of things together.  They had video of what a razor does to your whiskers and your skin. They then explained how they’ve modified their product.  After that, we did final thoughts, and then we went upstairs to a suite and enjoyed food, beverages and the game, though the Yanks lost.

But now there are 20 guys who have a different and more in depth understanding of what the P&G brands are all about.  And even though I’ve been awake since 430 a.m. Dallas time today and it’s now 12 p.m. NYC time, I’m still up writing and sharing about it.

I’m encouraged about what I saw today, for many reasons.  The future is looking bright from here.  Maybe I actually do need some of those GQ shades and a close shave.  I’m still not going to clear the underbrush to make the tree look taller.