The world of public relations has changed greatly in the past 20 or so years.  In the late 1980s, some PR practitioners were getting their first thermal paper fax machines and starting to send out news releases by inserting the release, picking up the telephone receiver, dialing another hopeful fax number (or having to ask, “Can you connect me to your fax machine?”) and then sending the information.

In those days, no one was using the Internet.

TV news stations had enough staffing and money to hire investigative reporters.  Newspapers had 25-40 education reporters.  Radio stations, well, they’ve been lean a long time, but you get the picture.

Pitching a news story in those days was much different than today.  You kept up with a favorite beat reporter.  You fed them things from time-to-time, and it was all good.

With the emergence of the Internet and the advent of the citizen journalist, one not schooled in the ways of journalistic practices and ethics, with more and more people just getting their news off of the Internet and fewer and fewer people subscribing to a daily newspaper that gets thrown in the sprinkler-soaked area of the yard five days out of six, things are much different.

But Old School PR firms don’t realize that.

No, most Old School PR firms today still believe in having eight interns work around the calendar keeping track of all repostings of releases that client money was spent to post through a PR newswire service.  They get copies.  They print them off the computer.  They keep track of how many pages they print.  (You’re not just getting billed for the time they’re searching for your information, you’re also getting billed for all the copies they’re making, too.) 

When you have a meeting with your Old School PR firm, they want to send 10 people.  (That’s a billable hour for each of them you let in the room.  You realize that, right?)

And the tricks go on and on.  They make money.  They kill trees to get you clip books, and the sound the trees made when they fell made more noise and had more impact than the value and impact of your clip books.

Claxton Creative, LLC

We’ve formed a modern PR firm that’s not like traditional PR firms.  We understand the world of social engagement, social media and social impact.  We’ve been innovative and adapted to the fast-pace changes that are taking place in the industry.  And we’re out to invent solutions to the problems few have yet to identify.

This is how we are different from the Old School PR firms.  We work with national and international brands.  We work with bloggers who have formed their own online communities.  We know the key influencers, and we know how to get you into the game.

Hybrid Value Chains

We are focused on identifying emerging markets around the world and the entrepreneurs who are dreaming up solutions to tomorrow’s problems.  We are linked with companies who have massive Corporate Social Responsibility programs.  We work with Citizen-Sector Organizations that are trying to make a difference around the world.  And by using our networking skills, the power of the Internet, and a working knowledge of the Modern PR world, we are a part of creating powerful Hybrid Value Chains that are coming together to add value and solve problems in huge opportunities like the potential trillion dollar housing market identified in the September 2010 Harvard Business Review, or the multi-billion dollar healthcare markets in third-world companies.

The American Educational System

And we’re focusing also on one of the most important domestic issues in America–the fate of our education system.  We understand how school districts in America work.  We understand the politics, the policies and the fact that parents don’t like it when you up and decide to move their children from their local school to one that’s empty and even closer to their home than the one they’re presently attending.

All of our areas of focus, Social Impact, Innovation and Invention, linked together with key influencers and entrepreneurs from all points of the globe are coordinated and strategically thought out to produce the results that will make a difference in the lives of others, and ultimately, to your company’s bottom line.  And we won’t be doing that by having eight interns sitting in a room making you a clip book that’ll go THUD on the boss’ desk in January.