I just had a one-on-one trainer session to talk about my last six week goals for using EA SPORTS Active's More Workouts, and it's now time to restart the program when I get back home on Monday.  In my opinion, as far as the past six weeks have gone, I FAILED. 

But here's what I learned:  It's time to SCHEDULE some workouts and add them to my iCal with alarms for my MacBook Pro and on the iPhone. Why is this important?  Very simple: They become part of the daily routine and are a scheduled appointment with myself.     Images

But how often?  Surely not every day.  And you're right.  That's the answer. Not every day.  With EA SPORTS Active the recommendation is to do two days of exercise and take one to rest your body.  Two on, one off.

That gets you to three or four days of working out a week.  And the trainer said to not let it drop below three.  Then you'll start to see progress with the exercise.

And then he gave me a poker analogy.  Exercise is like "Being In" in a game of poker.  You're either in or your out.  I'm in.  And I'm staying in. 

I told him about how I've been using Nintendo's PT Walking to set a step goal for every day.  The default is for 3,000 steps per day and I wear it every day.  Throughout the day, as part of a guy thing, I'm checking it to see if I'm still "blinking red," or if I'm "Blinking green."  It has a little LED light that blinks when it's moving.  If you've hit the day's goal it's red.  Got it? 

Well, it's time to increase the daily goal for PT Walking.  Another important, pardon the pun, but wait for it …. step. 

And since I do have an iPhone, it's time to go to iTunes and the App Store and see what other tools are available to help keep me energized.

But do you know the most important tool I can use to help keep me in the exercise game? 

Simple.  The answer is you.  It's essential that we all continue to work together to offer encouragement and accountability.  Simple DMs or Twitter messages that say, "DaddyClaxton, did you workout yet today?" are so helpful.  And I promise, I will ask you the same back.  In fact, I'm creating a new list for www.daddyclaxton.com and my Twitter account: #Fitness.  I'm encouraging you to remind me to put you on this list and we can build a new community around it.  A very important tool to helping all of us. 

Okay, it's about time for lunch here in Beverly Hills at the SLS Hotel

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