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New Mac Commercials Are Funny

The new Mac commercials are funny

I’ve marveled over the past eight months about how Apple has turned the most advanced phones ever created into one of the simplest things on the planet to operate. Our three-year-old daughter can pick up my wife’s iPhone, click in, go to iPod and begin watching Sponge Bob or Dora movies that are downloaded on the machine. Our  16-month-old nephew can do the same on his dad’s iPhone. Amazing.

So now Apple has new Mac commercials running. We saw two new ones during House and Idol last night on Fox. And, as the second one aired, our three-year-old began cheering with the cheerleaders—PC is Number 2, PC is Number 2. She didn’t know exactly the significance of it, but nonetheless, the message was so simple, so cut to the chase.

I saw someone online the other day who was berating the spots as nasty and mean-spirited. But they aren’t. They’re just the plain truth.

Ah, and the first spot we saw last night? The repeating non-error, error message: “I’ve been error-free for more than a week now. I’ve been error-free for more than a week now.”

Thanks to my mid-life conversion to a Mac last October, I’ve been error-free for almost nine months now. The joy, the simplicity, the happiness of having a Mac.


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