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Gillette Products You Don’t Have to Sweat Over

During the past year and a half, I’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with the people at Gillette.

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I have become a fan of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor and have shared a few with friends and even my dad, who last time I saw him, was still using the one I gave him. The ProGlide is the only razor I ever plan to use again.  Seriously.  I’ve not cut my face in more than a year and that was a daily occurrence when I was using those cheap-ole Bic Razors.  No more of that.

In the past few months, they’ve also been generous and asked me to try two other products of theirs–the Odor Shield Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant and the Odor Shield Body Wash.

Odor Shield Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

I have no problem with either product and have given them both a chance.  I’ve long been one to use Sure roll on so switching to something else was a huge loyalty issue.  I also have skin sensitivities so that was another issue to consider.  I have used Old Spice in the past and that’s caused incredible rashes, etc. so I was leery of trying something else than what I already knew worked.

To be honest, I had some of the same issues with the Odor Shield Anti-Perspirant & Deodorantt, but not enough to tell anyone not to use it.  It did what it was supposed to.  It kept me dry.

The Body Wash

Okay, first of all, I do historically fast showers.  Soap?!!  I am a guy, you know.  I use the body wash during some showers but I don’t use it every time.  Ironically, I’m not real crazy about the smell of it.

Tips for Guys Who Don’t Want to Stink

But like the fokes at Gillette reminded me, no one likes stressful moments – especially those guys who are heavy sweaters.  Personally, I’d rather be freezing cold than hot. And I tend to have those Broadcast News sweating spells when I get too hot or too stressed.  It’s very uncomfortable.  So is not having shaved for a day or so and getting hot.

In literature Gillette sent me to consider while using their products, they also reminded me about some tips provided by Dr. Avery Gilbert.

These are things we all can do to keep the odors of living at bay:

·         Stock up on greens at your grocery – A diet with a based on greens (parsley, cilantro, celery, mint) can act as an internal deodorizer while strong-smelling foods (garlic, curry or onions) seep through pores, creating a more unpleasant odor.
·         Opt for antibacterial – Although fragrant soaps and sweeter smelling gels might seem like a good way to get rid of your body odor, many only mask the odor causing bacteria.  Using an antibacterial soap regularly or pre-moistened wipes during a workout can reduce the amount of bacteria causing body odor.
·         Arm yourself with the right products – Bacteria has a hard time breeding in dry areas; be sure to immediately apply underarm antiperspirant to clean, dry armpits.  It helps to eliminate odor and releases a fresh scent in its place.
·         Dress Appropriately – Be mindful of the materials you wear when working out.  Nylon and polyester can impede airflow and prevent sweat from evaporating.   When that sweat doesn’t evaporate, it feeds germs and bacteria that cause odor.  Look for natural materials that breathe, such as cotton.

He also suggested one other: Going Hairless! “Not every guy is up for this, but shaving your armpits can actually prevent bacteria from accumulating and can significantly reduce sweat and odor.”

Uh, I’m not going there, or any lower, either….

Give these products from Gillette a try.  The Fushion Pro-Glide Razor is the world’s best.  The deodorant and body wash are good products, too, and worthy of your consideration.

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