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On My Last Morning Being 49

On My Last Morning Being 49

My Great Pyrenees, Maycee, likes for some reason to wake up at 5:37 a.m. We’ve been outside to potty already. It’s now 6:24 a.m. as I begin to share a few words on this Dec. 5, 2015, my last day of being less than a half-century old.DC and Dad

Did the first five decades go as I should have hoped? There are a mixture of emotions I can use to conclude, but for the most part, the abundance of the minutes, days, months and years have been good.

I’ve been to almost all of the lower 48 states in the Union. Have attended schools in Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Texas, California, Alabama and Michigan. The US Air Force moved my family so many times when I was young, I can now report to have moved 36 times, either from one base to another, or from one house on a base to another, or one house in a city to another. For the moment, I’m living in a place I’ve occupied for 5.5 years. That’s the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere.

The pride of my life are my three daughters. The eldest is a freshman at Auburn, doing better than I did when I was on main campus. (Of course, she’s not taking Chemistry 101 with Dr. Perry, the head of the chemistry department.) My twin daughters, Reagan and Haley are soon to follow into college. Each of them are smart, unique, strong Christian women. All three are beautiful. I have been blessed.

Both of my parents are alive and even though I don’t talk to either of them as often as I should like, they mean the world to me. My siblings as well.

Without question, the past six years of my life have been the most trying and devastating for reasons I won’t reopen here. Suffice it to say that the Devil in my world continues to be just that. I try to forgive and forget. I’m becoming a better Christian because of the evil that’s been dealt to me. My mantra has become this: “In the end, God wins!”

This year, 2015, I wrote two 90,000-plus word books. Both are going through polish and revision for hopes of commercial publishing. The joy I have from them is that no matter what my nemesis does to denounce me, the quality of the work and the accomplishment are something no one ever can take away from me.

I’m working to live a healthier life. Maycee and I walk regularly. Old foods that once tasted so good to me no longer pleasure my pallet, and Lord knows I don’t want to eat near as much.

Tomorrow I turn 50. Some shirk from that number. I choose to embrace it. I’ve overcome many of the hardest things the Evil One can throw at me. There will still be hard challenges in the days before me, but I know I have my Lord to protect me.

To my friends and family, thank you for many great years of joy and fellowship. So many of you mean so much to me and as most of you know, I can recall some fun events of our past in weird level of details. I guess that’s the writer in me.

God bless you. Enjoy the holiday season. And should we rekindle the debate about how Christmas itself used to be celebrated on my birthday years ago? Maybe another time….


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