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We’re not going to be the first to say this today, but the Oscar show last night showed once again that real-time Twitter monitoring and making real-time adjustments based on what’s being said, could not be any more essential in today’s business world than having a business in the first place.

Historically, it looks like the Hollywood glam awards shows are finally on the wane.  Other than the fact that there’s practically a new one on TV every weekend lately.

CBS Sunday Morning even featured a piece on the Rizzies Sunday.  It’s what you get when you’re in a film project that’s so bad, they give you the dubious honor of sucking.

TWITTER–The Real-Time Focus Group

Anyone in marketing and PR knows it’s critical to keep one’s finger on the pulse of public perception.  Last night when interest in the Oscars was waning and trending topics were proving it, would have been a stellar opportunity for the producers of the Oscars to pay attention and make some adjustments in the show.

But alas, they did not.  And for hours, the Twitterverse was filled with commentary about how bad the show was.

And for non-viewers, it made for fodder for the globe’s entertainment writers who had to come up with something interesting about the awards program.

Too bad no one internally was listening.

Your Business

Is this how your business runs its customer service operations?  Do you know what’s being said about you in real time?

At Claxton Creative we can help you put the right monitoring systems in place.  We specialize in social media and public relations strategies.


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