We had a 1 hour and 56 minute hike today with the EA SPORTS Active Challengers today up the trendy Runyon Canyon here in Los Angeles. 

There were times when I thought my lungs were going to explode and I was going to faint, but like my Dad told me years ago, his sons all have this determination that keeps us going, even when we feel like our lungs are going to explode and we’re going to faint. 

And so, we began our climb.  It was gradual at the beginning, and then we got to a near vertical climb.  And that’s when Kathryn Peck from EA SPORTS came back down the trail and said, “Donny, this is taking your workouts to a new level.  This is good for you, let’s keep going.” And I got encouragement from some of my fellow challengers, chief among them Monica Brady, Julie Maloney, Roger Enyart, Mike Sorrentino, who kinda stayed behind at points in time to help make sure I wasn’t going to faint or fall over with a heart attack.

Atop the peak of Runyon Canyon, I stopped to do a quick video piece.  I thought that was the highest point, but we still went a little higher.  Really, this was not the highest point, but I think this was the point where I felt the worst. 

When we got to the bottom, we found freebies from Amanda from the new vitamin drink, Activate.  How funny that Active and Activate are so closely named.  Activate is a sports vitamin drink.  At the top of the bottle is a protected vitamin packet that you twist and it drops into the drink. They do this because vitamins in liquid apparently don’t keep too long.

I liked my drink, lemon lime.  Some of the ladies from the group thought it had a bad after taste, but I truly liked it and when I get back home to Dallas, I will look for more of it.  It had only 5 calories, and the flavor I had had a mixture of 2 bananas, 29 apples and 33 berries.  Again, it only had 5 calories in it.

So here’s the video on the hike, and the video featuring Amanda from Activate: