We’ve been seeing these paper.li mentions over the past few weeks and decided it was time to get into the game.  Actually, this is pretty cool and we’re proud to announce at Claxton Creative, a Dallas Public Relations firm, that we’re going to make this happen on a regular basis–It’s a newspaper packed with materials from across the Web on PR.

We also decided it would be wise to add the Paper.li widget on the front page in hopes that it drives up our links in, and of course, pulls traffic. 

This is a pretty easy tool to use. You log in through your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  (By the way, if you’re here, please go to Facebook.com/ClaxtonCreative and LIKE our page!)

When you log in, it’s just a matter of creating the subject matter you’re interested in, and then letting Paper.li do it’s thing.

This has got to be one of the more exciting additions to social media that we’ve seen so far in 2011.

Check out our paper.  And please subscribe to it.  None of us knows everything about PR and this is a good tool to help add to the body of knowledge.

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