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FORT WORTH—Faith coach and minister Ron Rose, following the premise that “organized religion is in trouble and has missed the boat,” announced that beginning Monday his North Texas ministry’s “” is building the largest collection of stories about God’s work ever assembled through an online effort being called, “The God Story Project.”

“For many in this culture, God has been crowded out and relegated to one-day-a week interaction within a labyrinth of ornate church walls,” Rose said.  “But, in spite of the attempts to conceal him and confine him, he still finds ways to show up in the most unexpected and unimaginable places. Most have seen him, sensed him and even stumbled across him in the last few days.  We are assembling stories about those experiences posted as comments to the blog.”

All the stories, written and/or recorded by those around the world, will be posted on a weekly basis on

“My God is not buried in the pages of a book.  If your God still shows up, then it’s time to speak up, not in religious words or spiritualized ‘holy’ talk, but in real stories of the real moments,” Rose said.  “We are encouraging people to tell others about the blessings, kind acts, surprises, interventions, healings and miracles that they have experienced.  Just a few moments of time telling a God story can serve as an inspiration to so many others.  There ought to be at least one Faith Story reporter in every church.”

Rose also said a Facebook page is in development and will be designed to gather fans/likes and unite reporters who give their time to this unique story collection project.

“This is a call to action; everyone can help.  All one has to do is take the time to look for something God is doing in their own lives, which also is a first step in growing strong faith,” Rose said.

Through readers are presented with the process for faith conditioning and a series of workout prompts.  The organization’s evolving web presence also is designed to “provide innovative and effective training for an emerging generation of faith coaches.”

“We offer focused materials for those looking for faith coaching and to help prepare others to become faith coaches,” Rose said.  “This may seem new and outside the box, but it’s what God has been doing all along. Faith coaches use questions and stories to motivate believers into action.  We have discovered that you really don’t know if you have faith until it’s been tested.  Just being able to argue your convictions, doesn’t mean you have faith. There is a big difference in believing in God and believing God.”

Rose said weaves a series of powerful stories into the site that are designed to push people to get out of the huddle and into the game.

“We teach people how to find their story, tell their story and then be the story; there’s another important condition—a story has to ‘have a crisis or two,’” Rose said. “We are helping believers live up to their convictions. We encourage people to live their lives so that God is the one who looks good. Our work isn’t about religion and it’s not about knowing what’s on page 644 of the Bible; it’s about getting to know the author. This interactive ministry is a proven way to make that happen.” is a supported ministry so those who visit the site and begin to use the materials may do so free of charge.  Donations, of course, are welcome, but not mandatory.

“God is doing amazing things and when he gets involved he tends to leave fingerprints all around,” Rose said.  “We collect the stories of God’s encounters with real people in the real world from around the globe. This online connection is all about ordinary people getting outside the walls of church.”

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