Problems with The Blacklist-Lizzie’s Search of Jolene’s ‘Apartment’

Tom Clancy once paraphrased about four or five others when he said on Larry King, “The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.”Liz Apartment2

After watching Monday night’s The Blacklist – Ivan twice now, I can come up with almost two dozen problems with Liz Keen and her search of Jolene’s apartment in the Monday, March 24, 2013 episode, IVAN.

Lizzie has gotten Arum to find out where Jolene’s last cell call originated from. It’s an address in DC and she goes there. Before she goes in, she calls her hubs, Tom, who is inside the “apartment,” which is not the same place Cowboy searched two weeks ago and found all of her spare IDs and such, but really, as some commenters have called it, “Tom’s Lair.” 

So here are the problems with this one scene:

1) Liz didn’t call for backup before going into the place. Not DC Metro PD, not the FBI. I keep hearing the guy in “In The Line Of Fire” who kept asking Clint Eastwood, “Why didn’t you endeavor to know more?”

2) She interfered with a DC Metro Police missing person’s case by entering into the place.

3) Why would she call her hubs, Tom, a fourth-grade teacher before entering the place? The only reason that makes sense is that she wants someone to know where she is and she still, at that point, trusts him.

4) Why is this fourth grade teacher never at school teaching? For an FBI agent, you think she’d have been to visit him at school by now or something, wouldn’t you?

5) Where did she get keys that would work on his door? Is it standard issue for FBI agents to have a master key of some sort or is this some sort of throw back to her self-proclaimed expertise of criminal activity when she was younger?

6) She didn’t call Ressler or any of the others back at the Post Office before entering a dangerous situation.  Ever heard of backup?

7) There’s a car parked right in the middle of the place. It looks like the tarp on it hasn’t moved since before Tom transported bodies in it. Wouldn’t there be traces of Cowboy blood in the trunk?

8) Tom’s fingerprints have to be all over that place. Would DC Metro not have taken a few of them off the car, the guns, the computers, the door knobs….

9) Wouldn’t one of the first things any law enforcement officer would have done, maybe DC Metro, is find out who owns or is leasing the “apartment?”

10) Okay, so there is at least one sniper rifle and several hand guns in the place. Once they had seen all that hardware, wouldn’t DC Metro have called in the Bureau or ATF?

11) Wouldn’t there have been some fallout for Liz going into a place without a warrant?  Of course, the assumption remains that they’re in Jolene’s place, not Tom’s, but you’d think….

12) What’s the likelihood that all of the photos Tom attempted to burn would have indeed done that completely and beyond recognition?

13) Tom not also burning the doll Liz gave him along with the pictures was a big gaffe on his part.

14) Shouldn’t Liz have let the bossman know about Jolene Parker? I know she has trust issues with him over the Judge issue, but still, protocol would seemingly have required it.

That’s fourteen. I’ll probably come up with more, but that took me about eight minutes to type out just those few problems with this one scene.

It was a great show Monday and I read somewhere that the producers say the most important thing about the show wasn’t what Liz learned about Tom, but what Tom has learned about Liz.  I saw some analysis was done on the photos of the wall Tom had created. I’ve not looked back.  Maybe later. I have actual work to do today so…..



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