We don’t have Publix out in Dallas where I live, but they’re all over Alabama and Florida.  And Thursday morning after tornadoes had ripped apart 1/2 of the state of Alabama, even way up north in New Market/Meridianville, AL, running on emergency power, still able to process debit/credit cards, they were open for business and helping hundreds in the area in need of staple food items and charcoal.

On the radio, I heard how Publix has generator trucks they were sending north into the Huntsville area.  Incredible.

10 a.m.

At about 10 a.m., Thursday, April 28, Karen and Tom Taylor and I had ventured out to find breakfast.  We’d started up 231/431 toward Tennessee, but half of Huntsville looked like it was doing the same.  We turned around and ventured back to the Publix on that major road.

When Karen and I went inside, it was dark.  No shopping carts were available and people were standing at the front doors looking for those taking them out to unload, and then even helping put stuff into their cars so they could use the cart next.


The first place in the store we headed was the produce side.  There were some fruits left.  Forget about lettuce.   It was gone.

The bread racks?  Here, take a look.

I heard one man talking about how this wasn’t a time to go out and buy 5 loaves of bread.

But with the likelihood that power is out in Huntsville for another 5-7 days, I’m beginning to question his wisdom.

Staple Food

We then began to make our way through the store picking out canned items and the like that will not perish if not refrigerated.

Karen and Tom, who are moving soon anyways, said they were going to do a lot of thawing from the freezer anyway, so this was the perfect time to do that.

When we got over to the other side of the store, the meat and dairy section, there was nothing to be found.

Old Mother Hubbard had more in her kitchen.

A Tribute To Publix

I have to say, from being back in Dallas, I have to wonder which food chains there would have done the same.

Tom Thumb?  Fairly possibly.  Kroger?  Maybe.  Albertsons in Mesquite?  Naw, for a store bordering on bankruptcy and a tag line, “It means a great deal,” that should be changed to “It means you’ll pay a great deal,” I highly doubt it.

Thank you, Publix.  Well done.












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