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A&M Not Ready for Bama Game–Hello! This is the SEC

A&M Not Ready For Bama Game–Hello! This is the SEC

On my Facebook Wall yesterday I made a post that said the NCAA should consider putting the SEC in it’s own division because football on the collegiate level isn’t played like it anywhere else. At least not traditionally.  Admittedly, that was before Texas A&M,  Bama, Auburn and LSU struggled to beat their non-SEC opponents and Georgia got beaten by Clemson by three.

But what was most troubling of all yesterday was to watch the goings on in College Station. ESPN had the A&M v. Rice game on before the Bama game, (I’m sure there were some in Tuscaloosa upset they’d been pre-empted by Johnny Football) and they hyped the non-sensical suspension (Which rumor had it this past week some Bama alums were behind getting the whole autograph deal before the NCAA) and they showed the video of the official telling Johnny Manziel to get off the field while he was still suspended, they showed him coming in to play, they showed his silly “show me the money” gesture after making a score and made note he’d been doing that last year, and then they also showed the mimed signature bit, his two jawing sessions with Rice players, and then Coach Sumlin ripping into him. About that time, the UAT (University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa) game came on, and then shortly after that, the Auburn game and so what was going on in College Station and even the whole Syrian matter with President Backed-Down all faded into irrelevance for the rest of the day.

ESPN focused on a Twitter post from a Rice player involved in the penalty event with Manziel where he said JF said something like, “Hey Nick, nice play.” How the refs would take that and throw a flag is puzzling, but nonetheless the central point of this post is this–there’s a game in two weeks with Alabama, whether they are ranked #1 in the country or were not ranked at all–this is the SEC and once you tick a team off like Alabama and its alums like Manziel did last year, you’d better get your affairs in order.

And from what transpired yesterday, Manziel isn’t aware of that significant fact and neither is his coach.

I didn’t think Bama looked all that impressive with what I saw of its offense yesterday, and even EPSN was noting at one point that special teams had carried most of the day in point generating, but when UAT gets to College Station in two weeks, with a week’s break in between, it’s going to be like there’s a hurricane blowing into south central Texas. (Matter of fact, maybe A&M’s fokes should start praying for one to give them some additional time to prepare.)

Now one could joke that officials in College Station should be guarding any pretty trees they have on campus from being poisoned by stupid-assed Bama Updyke fans, the real danger here is that A&M’s fokes don’t seem to understand what it means to be playing in the SEC. Rivalries run deep in the SEC. In talking to a Montgomery, AL minister a few weeks ago, he was explaining to one of my friends from California, (where they have no real concept of what real football even is.) He explained that football in the South, particularly the SEC, often rivals worship to God. And he wasn’t kidding.

Yes, it would be good for Bama to beat A&M, being an Auburn fan.  But it’d be better still for A&M to beat UAT from my point of view. And from what I saw on the field in College Station and even in Atlanta yesterday (Why did Georgia officials not light the Georgia Dome from end zone to end zone BTW? It’s like watching football in a cave on TV) A&M isn’t ready for Alabama and they don’t even have a clue why not…..

It’s going to be ugly in two weeks … but maybe that’s what the attitude of Manziel needs most of all.


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