I was surfing through the new Mac App Store last night and happened upon Sketchbook Express by AutodeskIt’s free. There is a paid Pro version and I don’t recall how much it costs, but I have to say, this is pretty darned cool and for the moment, I’m contented with the free version.  Can’t imagine what more good stuff the pro version has.

I just did this drawing, which I know, is nothing to be real excited about.  (And I have no idea what that animal is supposed to be.  It just is.)

But what excites me is the potential here.  I drew the thing with my Apple Magic Mouse.  I can still hook up my Wacom Bamboo Fun that has been collecting dust for a while, and coupled with the versatility of the tools in SBX, the options are amazing.  (I do admit though, my eyes keep thinking there’s a App called SEX in my Dock tho.  I imagine that wasn’t an accident) It’s much more intuitive to use than say, Photoshop, but this isn’t like PS and it’s not supposed to be. 

What really took the cake for me was when I saved my creation.  It wanted to save as a TIFF, but it also had JPEG, PNG, BMP and PSD savings options.  Which means, I can now take this into Photoshop and do more tricks with it, like merge it with other photo art or scans, etc.

And did I mention it was free?

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