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Skype Counseling Sessions & Google Alerts Earned Us Media Coverage

Friday we saw a Google Alert of a FOX News story of counselors offering Skype Counseling Sessions. A quick email to our client revealed what we’d not previously known. Two counselors are offering Skype counseling sessions–one even to a client in Russia, and they’re working out well.

Skype Counseling Services offered by PrestonPlaceCounseling.com.

Skype Counseling Services offered by PrestonPlaceCounseling.com.

So after a quick email pitch to KDFW FOX 4’s Shaun Rabb here in Dallas, we had a date set for this afternoon at 1 p.m.

The piece on FOX 4 is stellar.

We’re bringing this to your attention because we simply used Google Alerts to find a subject matter that applied to a client and then sought to localize the coverage.  We’re told that KDFW is actually going to put the video on the FOX ONO system–meaning it’s going to be sent to FOX stations around the country for them to slip in during their coverage when they need a news story.  You really can’t beat that kind of exposure for a client.

So here’s the link to the FOX 4 story.


And here’s a link to our client’s site: http://www.prestonplacecounseling.com, where they also added a blog post about their feelings involving Skype counseling sessions.

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