I walked from my apartment complex over to Mesquite, Texas‘ Butterfly Trail this morning to see what I could shoot.  We’ve had more than 5 inches of snow here overnight and it is the proverbial winter wonderland.

So here are the best of my pics from the walk.

If you recall from the other day, I took a photo of the AC unit covered in ice.  Today, it’s all snow.

There won’t be many children playing today.  Wait a minute, they totally will.  It’s their fourth day out of school this week because of the weather.

Wanna go for a ride?  I’ll bet snow biking is fun.

I thought there was going to be more contrast between the snow caps on this trashcan.  But alas, the contrast between the wood and the snow is quite stark.

There are so many stories I could come up with for this scene.

I enjoy taking pictures of things you normally associate with warm weather covered in snow.

Love the bridge.

The contrasts between the darkness of the creek bed and the snow is fantastic.

I have to admit it.  On the walk, I fell twice.  What I didn’t realize going into the walk was that the snow this morning is very powdery.  When I stepped on ice patches below the snow, not even the snow was grasping a hold of the ice.  And so I did scissor splits a couple of times.  Not fun.  Particularly when the old head shakes around enough to cause little blinking lights.

At one point of the morning, I felt like I was Robert Frost.  Or maybe it was his cousin, Jack.

And this one is for my friends at GM.  Pretty cool.  I guess I could have gone into Photoshop and made the bowtie level, but this is really how it was.

It’s so cold outside, not even the dogs are worried about fireplugs.

The best thing about five inches of snow in Texas?  Speed bump neutralization!

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