I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but I have an October 2007 17 inch MacBook Pro.  This computer is key to my existence in many ways as much of my creative work is composed using this machine and the incredible software that I've been able to get, most often through my Birthday and Christmas presents since 2007.  Christmas 2009 87

But a drawback to the 2007 model of laptop is this: It only had 160 gigs on the hard drive.  So a birthday present last December was a portable 320 gig external hard drive from Western Digital

This is where I keep my iTunes library and my ever-growing Aperture 2 library of RAW digital photos.  (Wow, I just checked and it's time to archive some materials over to the desktop Terabyte drive because I'm down to 9.62 gigs on it!)  I also use a second one from work for work-related projects.  

To keep my laptop stable, I try not to let the memory space on the hard drive drop below 30 gigs.  Working with photos and music and doing video editing in Final Cut Express gobbles up memory space fast.  

But a drawback to having a USB or 400 or 800 firewire connection to my external portable drives has been carrying them around without them slipping, sliding or becoming disconnected from the computer. 

I think I've solved that as of Thursday morning.  And the solution was simple.Christmas 2009 89
 I bought three $1.48 strips of velcro at Wal-mart, put them on the back of the external hard drive and then attached them to the plastic protective case of my MBP.  Voila.  I can close the computer, pick it all up and walk off without anything dangling over the sides or having to keep the machine partially open.  Simple.  

Now my mom keeps telling me I'd make a fortune if I could invent a system to attach a mirror to a computer so that when women are working on their machines.  Maybe I'll think about how to do that next.