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Staggering Numbers from China

My heart continues to hurt for the parents and kids of China who have had their lives devastated by the recent earthquake and now the potential flooding from the lakes formed by rivers being dammed up from the quake.  I saw on the AP today that about 5 million people have been displaced because of these horrific, Biblical-proportioned  catastrophes and that's not also adding in the millions who were also affected by the recent cyclones. They now say 60,000 have died and at least another 20,000 are still missing.

We just don't realize how sheltered we are from so many of these amazing disasters living here in America.  And to think at this moment how many children have lost their parents and don't know where they are and likely never will.   Think of just as painful a fear of having children lost and not knowing whether they are alive or dead, lost or found. 

There is a world of hurt out there and I wish there was something I could do here to help them there.  What can a father of seven children in America do to help.  I beg you to tell me.  Prayers obviously have been offered.  And with the governments involved, it's hard to be sure that funds would actually get to where they were needed.  And with so much devistation, how do you even begin to determine what is needed and in what order? 

God, please be with the hurting people of China and the West who are suffering tonight.  And knowing what these fokes are enduring leaves me thinking the troubles I bear are nothing in comparison.  Nothing at all.


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