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Stepping backwards, sort of, in public education?!

Here's one for you–because of the economic downturn, the AP reports that numerous school districts are considering going to a four-day school week.  Four days of school. Yes, the day would be a little longer, but four days.  In China and elsewhere around the world, we read/hear about kids going to school on Saturdays and now we've got some here talking about stopping on Thursday p.m.  And further behind it all my kids fall.  Your kids, too.  Unless you're in China and elsewhere where they got up early Saturday morning, not to watch cartoons, little league football practice or eat cereal, but to get to class or tutoring.

If you have forgotten how our kids are falling behind the rest of the world, just visit the Two Million Minutes Web site.  There are steep gas prices there, too.  How are they managing?


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