There was a Courtyard By Marriott bed in of all places, Oklahoma City that I once penned was the most comfy bed in America, but the designation now must shift to The Table Mountain Inn in Golden, CO

Moms and dads, if you need a break, a place to go rest and enjoy a quiet night or two, this is the place to go.  I'm not wavering on my allegiance to Yosemite National Park, not for one instant because to me there are dozens of things more interesting to do there, but if you want a comfy bed, (eight pillows on the bed and two more in the closet), the softest firm mattress you ever could want to sleep in, it's here in Golden.  I put on my Mozart on iTunes last night, opened the sliding glass door to the balcony and turned off the AC.  Nice.

The room is roomy.  It's as cozy as one ever could want one, particularly for a special escape from the home and kids.  The restaurant downstairs has great breakfasts and the food throughout the day smells divine. 

Woody's Wood-Fire Pizza place across the street also is pretty good, though it's nothing next to Roundtable Pizza in Oakhurst, CA or one from Joe's back in Mesquite, Texas or one of Don and Myra's at Corsino's in Montgomery, AL. The surprising point about Woody's to me, 1) the incredible aroma when you walk in the door; man, the garlic and sauce smell makes you hungrier, 2) the number of families who were eating there, particularly moms and dads with young kids.  There were many, which says to me, the word is out locally that this can be a good place for adults to go, sit outside on the patio, or for moms and dads, it's also a good place to bring the kids.  Gosh, dog, and don't forget to try the buffalo wings pizza–it seriously was covered in a "wingstop" style "original hot" sauce, then chunks of chicken, and he said blue cheese, as well.  It was like eating a dozen wings in one slice, without having to fool with bones, etc.  It was very good. From that standpoint, it surpasses the other pizza places mentioned above. 

Seriously, Table Mountain Inn, is in the lead for most comfy bed in America.  It will take a lot to beat this place.  And Woody's Wood-Fire Pizza  for a pizza that tastes like a basket of buffalo wings.  YUM.