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Happy Thanksgiving To All

So many emotions flowing right now.  2011 has gone by in a literal flash with illnesses, work out of state, new clients here in town, time with my kids, time away from my kids, finishing a divorce, dealing endlessly in misery with my first wife, struggling with my weight, seeing new and old friends, and stepping away from some who I needed to let go of a long time ago.

The turkey is in the oven.  The girls will be arriving shortly.

I’m thankful to be alive.  I’m thankful for the food that’s being made, and thankful that God let me stick around on the planet a little longer.

I have a mission to fulfill.  So do you, that’s why we are here.

My wishes for each of you are the best of days, the happiest of holiday seasons, and the advice that no matter how murky or dark life may feel right now, so long as you know me, you have a friend, and a person with friends, is never without.


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