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The Flaming Lips with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Do You Realize?

Since my daughter Chandler and I went to Austin for a Gillette event back in July of 2011, I have been a fan of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

Jade Castrinos of Edward Sharpe and the Magnet...

Jade Castrinos of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There simply are not many bands out there that provide a real sound that just seems to emanate from the human spirit more than this merry band of 12. And while Chandler was telling me firmly tonight that it’s largely because of herbs they may or may not be lighting and then inhaling, that at this writing is not the focus of such.

The fact is, they make good music. It fills the heart. It mirrors many a spiritual hymn and chant of years gone by. And it’s real. They sound as good outside a studio as they do in it.


Tonight I began a search through YouTube playing Jade because we have a good friend in Huntsville with the same name. While she’s not Alex’s Jade, she still fills the heart with excitement and joy because she’s living her life on the edge,  just like the band is doing.  And it’s inspiring to see.

Do You Realize?

But as I ventured into new clips on YouTube about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes tonight I found this video of The Flaming Lips and E# playing at The Hollywood Cemetery.  It’s Do You Realize? And ashamedly, I must admit I had never heard this song before tonight and it apparently was something of a hit in 2002.  Lord knows the things I have been through over the past 11 years but I can’t believe I’ve never heard this song.  But the version I’m including here isn’t probably the one you’ve heard from the radio or blaring out of your kid’s iPhone.

Truly, one of the things that I enjoy most about E# is that they don’t sound like a studio band. I found a great series of clips tonight of them outside in the Yucatan and gosh, it was amazing.

But for now, I just want you to relax and listen to something a little different than you might expect from a rock band like The Flaming Lips, combined with the mellowness of E#.

The Message

The irony for me came that mid-way through this song tonight I realized what he was trying to say.  And I further realized that I’ve allowed for too long to let too much pass me by. Yes, I’m appreciating each day of my life, but for too long I’ve let too many just pass me by.  Are you doing the same thing?  Are you living life to its fullest?  Are you happy or sad, and even in the sadness, are you still eeking out moments of happiness where it seems there are none?  Watch these people in this video.  Listen to the music. And breathe. And think what you might could do different the rest of this day and those ahead of you.



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  1. Vincent aka @CuteMonsterDad

    Thanks for sharing Donny. Amazing how music can have such an impact on us. Make us stop dead in our tracks and move us to reflect on our lives. I too had such a moment recently upon hearing a single from David Bowie’s latest album. Prompted me to write out my thoughts. I’d welcome your feedback.


    Whatever lies in store for you, I hope you live it to the fullest.


    • Donny Claxton

      Thanks for sharing. The power of lyrics and music can never be underestimated. All the best to you, too.



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