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The Instant Power of Twitter

For those of you pondering the value in Twitter and the community of friends you can build with it, well, I’ve got news for you.  This is one of the most powerful resources I’ve ever seen in 20 years of communications work.  Bar none.  Talk about an instant focus group where you don’t have to pay incentives, recruit people to come sit around a table and talk about what’s on their mind. Just build you the right trail of followers, and you can learn about most anything.  For free.

Last night I could not believe the outfit they let Hillary R. Clinton wear for her big speech.  Against that high-powered blue screen, that orange and her hair were a chroma-key technical nightmare.  Her whole left side fuzzed the whole time she was shown from the straight-on shot.  Her hair, when she turned her head, went wacky on my TV screen.  In my mind, it was a case of being too techy and forgetting basic principals of TV. 

Yes, theoretically, that orange suit should have been really good against the blue.  And yes, thanks to MichaelHalbrook, who sent me this http://twitpic.com/9609, they did test her clothes up against the backdrop.  But it didn’t work, and from reading below, you’ll see what she was wearing was just as much on the minds of the Dads watching, as what she was saying. 

I don’t have a large track of moms following, but I wish now I’d been seeing what they’d been saying, too. 

So, GOP strategists, if you’re listening, I think you need to take a look at your behind-the-podium screen for next week, too.  My guess is that someone in the Obama/DNC got their butt chewed last night by someone.  Maybe you RNCs can avoid it, too.

Here's what some were saying while HRC was talking last night:

"Were you in it for. . ." exactly right. Tells supporters you weren't in it just for Hillary.   

HRC: No way, no how, no tangerine.      

Is it just me, or is maybe someone high up in the DNC secretly trying to ensure Obama loses and McCain cakewalks in? Is it for Clinton 2012?    

Of course, I think Obama is going to get his ass handed to him by the Green Party in November. Wait, are my Greens running this year?      

Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones references nicely done.      

http://twitpic.com/9609 – @daddyclaxton – But, yes, apparently someone did.      

Listening to Hillary, filling out my Shelfari books: http://www.shelfari.com/rus… (Add me if you're using it!)

Pro-Life speaker at DNC. Miracles still happen!    

i know the repubs convention will be no less hyper, but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.   

Hillary has started her speech. Michelle Obama doesn't look happy. I wonder if it's Hillary's orange pant-suit that bothers her?

We're less than 5 minutes in and she's already endorsed Obama six times.      

"No way, no how, no McCain." We have a winner.

Hillary's pants-suit…ugh…hurts my eyes.          

red meat time.

She looks like a traffic cone with bitch hair.    

so far not blown away by Hillary's speech.    

Did someone not test out how Hillary's suit was going to do against that blue background? Goodness. Faux pas. 

"It is time to unite as a single party with a single purpose." She's not just taking the high road, she's seizing it

Hillary didn't add "and a proud wife" to her list. Her omission spoke volumes.       

hoping for a Hillary Clinton coup…

Hillary Clinton grates on me like a nail gun on a chalkboard.       

HRC would make life fair if only she had the power less than a minute ago from web    

Preach it, Hillary. I feel the hot air all the way down in TX. Words are cheap. Promise something to everyone, OK?    

Received a phone call from Ashley almost the instant Hillary started talking. Did I miss anything?

i think both hillary and michelle suck. sue me and my bunnies!      

Hillary have a really good speech, im kinda surprised    

Whoa sh** @HilaryClinton's speech at DNC.


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