One of my good friends, Officer Sam Allen of the Balch Springs Police Department, has a passion.  It’s a fire that burns in him big time and frankly, it was something I didn’t see coming.  Sam is a member of the North Texas Buffalo Soldiers.  They’re a reenactment group who specialize in telling the story about the Wild West that most history books left out–the role African American troops played in taming the Texas Frontier.

In January, Sam asked me and the kids to join him and the unit down in Mexia, TX.  (Mu-hey-uh)  They had a Kind Day celebration and parade that weekend and I took six of the kids with me to actually ride in the parade in a period covered wagon, and then to hear Sam put on a show.

It was a lot of fun and all of the kids had a ball. 

So we did a photo session in our living room a couple months back and when we did that, I also shot some video for Sam’s Web site that he’d asked me for help with.  Well, with all the upheaval in my life that’s taken place, it’s taken some time, admittedly too much time, to get up and running, but I’m here to tell you now, it’s getting to be where I want it. 

I just added this video tonight after spending the last three hours editing and making it look pretty. 

You’ll quickly get a sense that the Buffalo Soldiers were important to Sam.  And if you have them come to your school or civic meeting to do a presentation, well, they put on quite a show.  But for now, enjoy my friend, Sam.