Ah what joy it must be up in Heaven tonight with the addition of Michael Jackson to the chArt.michael.jackson.gioir of those who have preceded him in death.  

First imagine Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly playing a little Rockabilly.  Then add Elvis and his dancing.  John Lennon singing a new version of #9 Dream, with George Harrison playing a slide guitar, and Elvis and Michael squaring off to see who has the best moves.  Now he really can do a Moon Walk.   

I'm guessing I'll annoy someone by suggesting that Karen Carpenter is there somewhere singing, Sing.  Oh, and don't forget Mama Cass singing, Make Your Own Kind of Music

Oh what a joyous site and sound there must be tonight. 

I wasn't alive when the first three died, but I remember being in Northern Michigan at a friend's house the day Elvis died. I remember Mom crying when Cass Elliott died after choking on a ham sandwich.   I was devastated when John was shot and Derek Kubacki in Atwater, CA called to tell me the news.  And me and a friend, Jon Dahlander, who I will see in San Francisco tomorrow night, were obviously saddened when George died.  Jon said to me, "And then there were two."  

Today my source of information was Twitter at 4:04 p.m.  CST. 

Who else would you add to the mix

SUGGESTED ADDITIONS: Selena, Hank Williams, Stevie Ray, Rick Wright from the Pink Floyd could pick up keyboards, and Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. 

Additional Updates:  Freddie Mercury on lead vocals leading We will, we will ROCK YOU!

It also has been suggested to add Cozy Powell on drums, but we also would have to add Jimmy Hendrix, and not to mention Keith Moon from The Who on drums.  And how could I forget John Entwistle from The Who as well.  It must be SO rocking up in Heaven right now. 

And not to forget my supposed "voice of my generation," Kurt Kobain.