Not every hospital admission has to be a bad thing.  In what now is Day 3 of this adventure, which was caused by a flare up of diverticulitis, I remain hospitalized and my precious, eldest daughter, Chandler, remains at my side here in the Texas Regional Medical Center in Sunnyvale, Texas.

Who would have thought a bout with an affliction, that if had ruptured could have killed me, could have brought about one of the things she and I have been needing together–MORE TIME WITH EACH OTHER.

The typical modern-day dad often is fighting for opportunities to spend time with his kids.  After a series of acts of drama  my time with my kids over the past two years has been severely curtailed. I’ve had to completely change my way of living in order to get to the point where I am now.

I was admitted to this hospital Friday afternoon.  It’s now Sunday at 7 p.m. and the doctor was just in here at 4 p.m.  saying, “Maybe tomorrow you can begin to have a little more to eat.”  It’s been IVs and beef broth, jello and a pop-sickle for lunch and supper.  (The nurses also have been getting me chocolate pudding to snack on.)


And from the get go, Chandler, 14, soon to be 15, has been here by my side giving up some time with her friends, etc. on a historic weekend, and spend time here in the hospital with me.  Yes, she’s 14.  Did I mention she soon will be 15?

So many times she’s helped me by turning this on, and that off.  Through Facebook friends she was driven back to my place to pick up the Mac and a couple other items I’d not packed up in haste because when we left home Friday near mid-day, I sure didn’t anticipate being here three days later. Nor tomorrow’s fourth day.

But the true joy in all of this has been the opportunity to talk.

Friday night going into sun-up on Saturday morning, we just talked.

Time With Your Kids

From having seen Courageous last week in Dallas, (It opens in theaters Sept. 30,) it’s been reaffirmed to me of how little time we actually have with our children.  I didn’t ask Chandler to stay here at the hospital.  But I’m thankful to no end that she has. (Obviously I wish my twin daughters, 12, could have stayed, too, but that wouldn’t have worked here in the hospital.)

This afternoon Chandler’s “BF” has been here and they’ve been  visiting in the lobby.  About 6:30 she came up to check on me and tell me they’re about to walk down to the local Subway for dinner.  As they were injecting me with my latest dose of “pain management,” she was trying to decide if I was “high enough” to bring the boy in here to meet me.

What I have to talk to her about tonight is that I don’t want her to be thinking I needed to be on planet Pluto to introduce me to her friend.  Though what she also didn’t think about is that I might be souped up enough I might do the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith first date routine in Bad Boys II.  (He He!)

Okay, gotta stop.  You wouldn’t believe how hard this has been to write.  More later.

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