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Help Stop This Twitter Spam

We don’t know about you, but anytime we see one of these knuckle-headed Twitter posts promising “1000s” of followers a day, well, we get a little annoyed.  There’s so many of them in our stream right now we are kind of wishing the porn Tweets would mount a come back.  (Not really, but you know what we mean.)CC Ask Twitter Banner

If you would be so kind when you see these also in your Twitter stream, just block them and report them to Twitter as SPAM.

This kind of thing isn’t supposed to be possible to begin with.  The 2,000-follower cap remains in place so if someone is truly paying for these people’s services, they’re very likely getting ripped off.  And this is the sort of thing that Twitter is supposed to be stopping.

Let alone the whole idea of Twitter is to have a social experience.  You don’t have a social experience with 1,000 people you just bought names from from a clearly questionable organization.

So please, if you see these tweets, immediately report them to Twitter.  Let’s put them out of business and hopefully save some of our actual Twitter friends from the potential of fraud.


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