Kudos to the Twitter feeds for UPS and PayPal today.  They both proved to be a good example of what happens when the crisis communications team also is inclusive of the Twitter posters in an organization.  The result: Immediate, timely responses that help provide helpful information, acknowledgment and encouragement.

In the UPS model, @UPS_News quickly posted an update this morning about authorities having isolated a few of their planes after there being a suspicious package found on another, but all coming from the same general area: Yemen. 

In the PayPal model, their entire credit/debit card network went down this morning and they were responding to inquiries about what was happening. They responded to inquiries in a matter of minutes.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.  And that’s why our company is reaching out to companies around the globe that have not already set up a Twitter strategy, and offering to assist them.  Twitter has proved itself once again as one of the best tools available to share information fast and accurately in times of emergency.

Do you have a Twitter strategy?  Does your communications staff ever talk to the person who has the responsibility of posting to Twitter? These all are questions that should be carefully considered.

This also is a low-cost enterprise that can be added to your business model that can be vital in helping build a solid community around your brand whether you are in a school district, running a company, or even a citizen-sector organization.

And congrats to UPS and PayPal for their good work today.  Both situations now are resolved.  All is back to normal.