Thankfully, and I’m sincerely not trying to tempt you Fate, but I have yet to get any of my iPhones/iPod/iPad wet and need to take it in to the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store and ask them for help, I mean mercy.  I’ve seen it happen to others though.  Depending on the age of the phone, and how wet you got it, there are options.  So if this has happened to you, all is not totally lost–most likely.

A friend of mine this morning was talking about a glitch she’s been having with her iPhone.  I’m not sure if it’s a 3GS or a 4, but it’s not a 3.  Nonetheless, what I’m about to explain and show you applies to all versions of an iPhone–Apple built in four sensors to know if your phone has taken a bath, gone swimming, fell into the toilet, or off the couch arm and into a cup of water, tea, coke or milk below in what would seem to be an odds defying feat. (In my friend’s case, the phone hadn’t gotten wet, it just needed a restore via iTunes.)

Once a family member of mine took their iPhone into the Genius Bar and I attended the visit.  I love to go to an Apple Store.  It’s like being in a candy store.  And to boot, nearly every time I go into one, I learn something new.  Trips to the Genius Bar, whether for my Mac Book Pro or iPhones or iPads, all bring about cool lessons and tricks most people don’t know about. Okay, so I’m an Apple Geek.  I wear that title with pride. Thank God I moved away from Windoze.

Here’s One–The Water Sensors

I took a brief look in Google this morning and didn’t see any other posts, at least ones with pictures, that show the three outer sensors that an Apple Genius is going to look for immediately upon handing him or her your precious piece of iProduct.  So here they are:

Point number 1: The Earphone Jack:

Now there are differing accounts of what they’re looking for.  Some sites say it’s the color of the plate at the bottom of the jack.  It should be silver/white-ish.  But it was explained to me they’re looking at this white-ish/silver dot signified by the arrow in the frame to the right.   It’s pretty small, so you kind of have to be looking for it to see it, but once it’s pointed out to you, well, I can’t look at an earphone jack any more and not see it.  Know what I mean?

If your phone has gotten wet from the various reasons enumerated above: taken a bath, gone swimming, fell into the toilet, or off the couch arm and into a cup of water, tea, coke or milk below in what would seem to be an odds defying feat–this white-ish/silver button should be PINK.

(BTW: The piece on the iPad is almost opposite of the location in the photo for iPhone 4.  PS: I don’t have a Touch and still fail to see it’s use and functional relevance so I can’t tell you where it’s goods are but since it’s practically an iPhone with no phone part, again, why the hell would anyone want that?)

Point number 2: (you could call it 2 & 3 if you wanted to): The Plugin

The second place a Genius is going to look at your iPhone to see if it’s gotten wet is at the bottom in the place where you plug it in.

In the bay where you plug in the charging cord, or the one plugged into your computer to sync it with iTunes, there are two more white-ish/silver dots.  If you lay the phone flat, front side up, with the bottom end toward you, they’re not really that hard to spot.

The photo to the right is a little small, but if you click on it, it will enlarge and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The Apple Genius who showed these to me said the these are the ones that most often get wet as people will be plugging in chargers in their car that got coffee spilled on them, or there’s condensation around from bring the phone outside from the warm comforts of your home, apartment, flat or castle depending on where you live, and hopping into the chill of your car, truck, whatever.

Points 4 and 5–Inside the iPhone/iPod/Touch/iPad

You don’t have to worry about checking out these two spots.  They’re inside the phone and if any of the outer ones have been set off, the only real reason Apple is going to care about the inside ones is if they “buy your phone back from you,” at a set fee–the time a family member went in it was $199, which is a lot cheaper than buying a new phone when you’re contract for the wet one doesn’t expire for months, and better than going without one–and they’re going to refurb it for someone else to use.

So if one or all of these indicators is PINK, fret not.  Apple Genius’ most likely are going to find you a way to get back in business in no time and walking out the Apple Store door feeling somewhat relieved, if not totally relieved.


The key then is to not go swimming with your iPhone.  Guys, take it out of your front right pocket before going to pee.   Ladies, forget about playing Words With Friends in the bath.  Teens, as incredible as it might be to sing to Britney, Holiday by Vampire WeekendMaroon 5, or 30 Seconds to Mars in the shower with your earbuds in, don’t.  And if you’re dripping wet in your birthday suit and you get that call from the guy or gal who you’ve been dying to hear from, get out of the shower and dry off–don’t forget your hair and ears, or simply let your cool voicemail feature catch the call and return it in a few minutes when you’re dry again.

Oh, and when you’re sitting on the couch, don’t leave the phone on the arm of it when you’ve also got a cup of water, soda, beer, liquor, milk, tea or anything else that pools in a cup sitting in what would be a million-to-one shot for the phone to accidentally fall off the sofa arm and directly into the liquid below.  Trust me, you’ll be that one in a million, and in this case, you won’t be the winner you always hoped you would be. I’ve seen this happen and thankfully, for once it was glad that the glass wasn’t half full!

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