What did the ancient Maya say about the Obama re-election?

Actually, they didn’t say a word about it. But now that the election is behind us, we wanted to share with you the latest about our books for iPad, namely, Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya

There now are 44 days until Dec. 21, 2012 (Tweet This Fact!) and now that the news media are going to be looking for something new to write about, we suspect the attentions are going to turn to the prospects of the Maya prophecy.

With Dr. Van Stone’s book, that includes up to two hours of video from 15 Maya scholars, 4 3D animations and nearly 200 interactive photos and illustrations and drawings, children of all ages can learn about this incredible society that disappeared from the Mesoamerican jungle hundreds of years ago.

What should we have learned from the Maya?  Are we making some of the same mistakes?

For $14.99, you can download this amazing work to your iPad or iPad mini and get more out of the experience than going to one of these museums that have opened exhibits in recent weeks. Best of all, touching in Dr. Van Stone’s book is REQUIRED.

Visit MVS2012.com for a direct link to the book on the iBookstore and stay in touch because we have more exciting titles coming from Claxton Creative, LLC here in Dallas, Texas.  Have a book you’re ready to put into this same amazing format? We’re ready to sign a publishing contract with you today.


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