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Being Wooed By FileMaker Pro 13 And Liking It

Earlier today I posted about FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced and how much I was enjoying working with it. I also noted an issue I’d been having with my computer going to sleep and then the files I’d built on it not being available on my iPad and iPhone.

Well, I think I’ve resolved that issue, and you can read about it in the earlier post.

But this post is about how I’m being wooed by FileMaker Pro during my 30-day trial period. And I like it.

Email Solicitations

Let’s face it, when most software companies are trying to get you to buy their product, their emails can be pretty annoying. So far I’ve received about four or five from File Maker Pro and I’ve yet to be bothered by any of them.

The first one I sent took some navigating to find out about how much they were going to charge for their monthly/annual services, but another one came along about 30 minutes to an hour later and fixed that.

Resource Center

And then just now I got this very simple, to-the-point email about how to get to their Resource Center. Basically it says, “We want you to get the full experience, so here’s access to our resource center to help you while you’re test driving.”

Now that’s helpful. Not too pushy. Not too pressured.  Just right.

FileMaker Pro 13 Resource Center

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