Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator

We’re proud to announce at Claxton Creative the launching of our latest book promotion project, Latisha Y Brown of Houston’s, Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator. 

The book is filled with testimonials and wonderful stories about overcoming the weight of procrastination and really is an inspiring piece of work.

You can find out more information about the book at

Check it out.  And don’t put off ordering this book for another day.  Get up and order it today!



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This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


Donald J. Claxton | The Timberlander, a selfie from camping for 13 weeks in 2022 on the Claxton family land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northwest of Marquette.

Donald J. Claxton is
‘The Timberlander’

Hello, I’m Donald J. 

I refer to myself as “The Timberlander” because I love off-grid living and woodworking.

My Great Pyrenees, Maycee, and I enjoy spending our time in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In the UP, I craft, make, grow, run, carve, and generate:

  • Custom crosses
  • Timber frame shelters
  • A garden
  • My water
  • Basswood figurines and ornaments
  • My own power

Check out my crafts for sale in The Timberlander’s Treasures.

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