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Testimonial from Former Dallas Superintendent Dr. Mike Moses

Jan. 15, 2004, a Dallas middle-school student stabs another seven times right after school.

With Donald J. Claxton immediately assuring the public and parents of the school via local news, only seven of 1,200 students did not attend the next day. Even with the murderer still on the loose. Six, when counting the murdered student.

Letter from Dr. Mike Moses

“Job well done. There is no way we could have seen positive news. The best we could hope for is fair and balanced. You did all you could to ensure that.

“Your work with the media was very good….”

Dr. Mike Moses
Former Dallas Independent School District Superintendent

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Testimonial from Former Alabama Gov. Fob James

“It’s been quite a trip—Many thanks for your good work on many occasions.”

Fob James, Jr.
Former Governor of Alabama

Fob James Letter Testimonial