Bloggers BEWARE of Domain Registry of America

The other day we received a kind letter in the mail from Domain Registry of America.  They’re sending us a courtesy letter to let us know that in the NEXT FEW MONTHS our domain registry of, and .org are going to expire.  Try May, 2011.  It’s the last of December, but hey, they’ve also so nicely asked for a response to them by Jan. 13, 2011. Oh, it gets better.  If we want to buy the domain, we can pay them a cool $50 for two years!  If we stick with our present provider it’ll cost $18.

Do we need to mention here that the domains are going to renew in May on their own without this deceitful letter that looks like the bill that might come from our ISP, except for the fact that they don’t send us bills in the mail.

Though in the third paragraph they emphasize, “This is not a bill,” by that time most unsuspecting readers are likely ready to send off their money to make sure something they’re already signed up for will cost more and make them switch to another ISP.  To those who know better, the letter goes in the garbage or gets scanned to be used in a blog post to inform others this is a scam.

DO NOT SEND DOMAIN REGISTRY OF AMERICA a penny.  To boot, apparently their not even located IN America.  Others report they’re out of Canada. BEWARE.

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