The Secret Abuses Of ‘The Prosperity Message’


Leah Davis’ New Book Exposes How Fear, Guilt & Intimidation Are Ruining People’s Lives While Mega Church Pastors Are Making Fortunes

HOUSTON: Humble, Tex. Author Leah Davis has new in-depth information about “The Prosperity Message:” It’s ruining the lives of many faithful Christians while some mega church pastors throughout America are leading rags to riches lives at the expense of their parishioners who are guilted with fear and intimidation to give in abundance to the church even before paying their mortgage, car payments and even utilities.


In her book, What Your Pastor Didn’t Tell You About The Prosperity Message, Davis seeks to alert consumers of the intimidation tactics some preachers use to increase church giving and to also provide insightful wealth building tips that are critical for surviving tough economic times.

“Having been a member of a mega church, employed by the ministry and being a tither for more than a decade, I experienced firsthand the skillful ways that pastors manipulate the scriptures and gently pressure their members to give,” Davis said. “I know the struggles, pressures and emotional vulnerabilities congregants are facing, having to decide whether to please God and pay their tithes or deal with the human-imposed guilt and pay their bills.”

Davis quotes a research report by Christianity Today International that cites 38 percent of churches surveyed reported a decline in church giving in 2010 and, equally alarming, 77 percent of Christian household incomes have stagnated or decreased in the past 12 months.

“This causes pastors to contrive ways to keep their ministries afloat, and some are doing so by very questionable means,” Davis said.  “Though giving and generosity are principles taught in the Bible, they should not be used in accordance with fear, guilt and intimidation tactics that cause people to feel they are committing a sin by not supporting their ministry financially.  We have seen prosperity in the pulpit.  Some have seen pastors go from rags to riches right before their eyes.”

The author says those who chose not to contribute at the levels prescribed from the pulpit are called “God robbers” and sent on a guilt trip, while those who contribute beyond their means have false expectations of financial increase based on half-truths that carelessly omit the basic fundamentals of building and attracting wealth.

“Many have failed to receive prosperity because they haven’t fully examined the message, the messengers, the motives and the methods that bring money into our hands,” Davis said.

But she doesn’t blanket all prosperity-preaching ministers as abusers of the system.

“Though many anti-prosperity preachers have expressed their distaste for the message and the messengers of prosperity, many have failed to explain what money is, how it is acquired and God’s true purpose for prosperity,” Davis said.  “This is what is getting so many into financial trouble from which they cannot recover, compounded by the state of the national economy.”

A Victim Of The Prosperity Message

Herself a victim of half-truths from the pulpit, Davis simply says, “I don’t want others to make the same mistakes I did. Christians are often taught that being righteous, holy and faithful means automatic entitlement to wealth and blessings. We can see from some of our own lives, this is not true.”

Davis’ style is direct, controversial and straightforward.  “My readers are given the missing components to the prosperity message, so they can make the proper adjustments in their hearts, minds and actions,” she says.  “In the book I attempt to present a clear understanding of what God promises.  The book cuts through the junk and tells my readers what they need to know but aren’t hearing out of the pulpit.”

What Your Pastor Didn’t Tell You About The Prosperity Message is available for sale at

“Please know that I am not talking about all pastors,” Davis says. “I mean no disrespect to the preachers and teachers of prosperity. What I write in this book does not change the wealth they have acquired or the things they may have done to get it. I am not trying to diminish or defame pastors in any way. The perspective of pastors may be different because of their position and all the things that must be managed as a pastor and business owner. I wish all ministers well in all their endeavors and continued success in ministry. My heart’s desire is to teach God’s people the whole truth about the prosperity message so that we can walk in victory in this area of their lives.

About the Author

Leah Davis is a recognized screenwriter, song writer  and director in the entertainment industry. Known for tackling very controversial topics in Christianity, Leah has been called a jewel to the body of Christ because her writings, often coupled with humor and drama always bring a clear understanding of God’s word. In her latest book, “What Your Pastor Didn’t Teach You about the Prosperity Message” Leah tackles undoubtedly the most controversial topic in the body of Christ, in an effort to help Christians rediscover God’s true purpose for financial prosperity.

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  1. SJ

    The only ones clueless are the bible illiterates who are buying this prosperity lie that you must pay God money to make you rich or help you crap! First off if anyone really knew their bible they would know when preachers quote the Old Testament Malachi 3:8-10 curse to Christians it’s a lie because in the New Testament Jesus took the curse and canceled it by becoming cursed for his redeemed. Only someone real brainwashed would overlook the fact that you cannot be redeemed from the curse and cursed at the same time.
    Galatians 3:13
    King James Version (KJV)
    13Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
    It is sad and pathetic that Christians have no idea that believers have been given free Grace paid in full by Jesus. And Unmerited Favor is the definition of Grace.
    Prosperity Pimps don’t want you to know that Grace means Unmerited Favor which is something you did not earn or deserve. They also don’t want people to know Paid in Full means there is a zero balance.
    I also cringe when I hear them say Abraham paid tithes before the Tithe law of Moses but this also is a lie, since Abraham did not tithe they way the churches teach you to tithe. Abraham gave a one time voluntary tenth from the spoils of war, not from his own personal property. If we were to tithe like Abraham we would have to win an unjust war, take the stuff from those we defeated in battle, then give a tenth of it one time only! This is not the way tithing is taught in the church to give a tenth on every dollar.
    It is false advertising to promote tithing for money! God is not your bill collector and he gave Jesus and the Blessing that comes with Him free of charge!
    After Jesus died there is no mention of keeping the Old Covenant laws such as circumcision, Sabbath or the Jewish High Holy Days for any Gentile Christian.
    Christians are under a new Covenant. If Gentiles were Jews under the Old Covenant we would be celebrating the Pass Over next week and not
    ( Easter) Resurrection Day.


    You used the words “Gently Pressure”? Really? Are you serious?

    There is nothing gentle about the tactics used in most Christian Churches at Collection time.

    What is gentle about calling Christians God robbers, or quoting an Old Covenant curse on those Jesus died t freely give all things Romans 8:32

    How is telling people God will curse them for not giving cash on every dollar gentle pressure? God did not even require gold or silver coins in Malachi but Tithing was not Food from land owners. The poor received tithes not paid tithes.
    Where are the Storehouses at every church that contains food for the poor?

    One idiot Mega Pastor in Atlanta went so far as to say non-tithing are crooks who should be shot with Uzi’s, while you could hear his robotic clones clapping and Amening in the background. He later claimed to be joking but when he said it he did not crack one smile, this is how serious they are about getting their money and keeping their empires going with these kind of rhetoric and false doctrine.

    Why don’t these same Prosperity Teachers also push keeping the Old Covenant Pass Over, since God told the Jews to celebrate it forever? Let me answer this!
    BECAUSE JUDAISM IS NOT CHRISTIANITY. They are two separate Religions!
    Jesus makes the difference in both!

    Jesus did not tell one Gentile to pay tithes. In Matthew 23:23. Jesus was talking to Jews before he fulfilled the law on the cross. Gentiles were Not in Covenant with God until Jesus died and said It is Finished, Paid in full. Jesus ushered in a New Covenant.
    Hebrews 7:12 For when there is a change of the priesthood, there must also be a change of the law.
    If anyone thinks I’m not in favor of giving even giving ten percent then think again. I’m not against giving as the Holy Spirit guides and leads but I’m against twisting the bible scriptures as the means to push one Old Covenant law when they forget the other 613. Ask any devout Orthodox Jew or goggle the 613 Leviticals laws.
    No preacher or church leader should twist scriptures and falsify or dismiss the New Covenant promises by declaring people cursed after Jesus died and took the curse and nailed it to the cross
    Colossians 2:14
    Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross




    I meant to say the tithe God required in MALACHI WAS FOOD,
    NOT GOLD OR SILVER which they did have in the Old Testament.


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