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Alone on a hilltop, ever feel like you’re sitting up there with this tree

by | May 29, 2010 | Featured | 0 comments

Creede CO trip 2010 256 sm1

I took this photo last night near sunset in Creede, CO while walking back to my place from Kip’s Grill located on Main Street and really see a lot of symbolism in it.

At this point in my life, in many ways, I feel like I’m that lone tree, casting something of a shadow, but all by myself in a clearing high atop a hill at the foot of steep mountains.  A late-night dig from someone didn’t help that feeling either.

The past two months of separation and impending divorce have given me the distance from many comforts, but more needed distance from the pains of what once was.  By the days of the week, last night marked two months since I moved into my new apartment and set myself free of that which was.  Dust is starting to settle in my life like shelves of books filled with the stories of life.

This trip to Colorado is a symbolic way of taking a dust cloth and brushing away what doesn’t belong.  That’s not exactly easy to do, because like dusting, it stirs up some of the old dust and allowing for more to settle.

Now it’s time for new adventures.

I need to find my direction.  There are so many opportunities on the horizon, and yet for the moment, sitting in that field high above Creede, feels comfortable, feels safe, and feels like maybe I need to climb up there tonight and just breathe in the quiet and fresh air.


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