Dads, Let’s Step Up Our Game in These Crazy Times of 2011

Now we are living in the midst of one of the most prolific times in our history. 

My Fellow Dads:

Half the Arab world is at war or in protest.

The prices on everything are going through the roof.  Gas prices are nuts.  Inflation is beginning to be talked about regularly on the news.  Add to that the devastation to the Japanese through the 8.9 Richter Scale earthquake, the deadly tsunami that even affected the coastline of the United States, and now this whole nuclear reactor meltdown business.

We are at war in Afghanistan.

We have a national debt that’s rising at a rate I’ll probably never make in my life with every tick of the clock.

We have people in Wisconsin angry because their elected leaders are trying to trim back the costs of their state government because what’s going out, isn’t pacing what’s coming in.

Life in the United States

In Washington, we have gridlock unparalleled by what Admiral Stockdale blurted out in the 1992 presidential debates.

There are millions of people in the US who can’t find work.

Just as many and more do not have health care.

And the list goes on.

Like our previous generations, when duty called, they stepped forward.

Today, more than ever, we need to do several things to do our part.

The first, pray. 

It was 364 days ago that a situation in my own home crushed my dreams then of a happily ever after.

Today, with a client meeting in two hours and the prospect of being a part of an incredible change they are developing in the healthcare industry, life feels much better.

God led me on a journey this past year that if I’d not endured, I’d not be having this meeting today.

Dads, our children are losing their way in this world.

Liberals are destroying society’s moral compass.

As dads, we can not allow this madness to continue.

Focus on your family. 

Yes, stress levels everywhere are rising.

But we’ve got to ensure we leave a legacy going forward that can also rise up to their challenges when the day comes for them.

And third, get involved. 

Find someone in your life who you can assist.  Whether it’s a phone call, words of encouragement/support, a card, an unexpected check, or whatever.

Right now is the time to help your fellow man, woman, and child.

We must stay strong in this time. 

We must apply common sense solutions and stop not thinking about tomorrow.

That kind of thinking has led to the kind of mess we’re in today.

Please, join hands, dads, and let’s take positive action for our families and countries. 

We can make a difference.  We can prosper.  We can overcome.  And we can leave the world a better place for our children, no matter what gets thrown in our ways.

For us dads, it’s really time to step up our games.

There’s much to be done.

Did you like this post? We all share a calling to do good.

This is an image of the tree line from the new County Road 510 Bridge near Marquette, Michigan.


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